Advantages of FRP wound pipe

The following advantages can be achieved by using FRP wound tube protection cable:

1, compared with the traditional pipe, FRP winding pipe through high-performance fiber transverse and longitudinal interwoven pultrusion forming, from the physical structure to enhance the ring stiffness of the pipe, can resist the external pressure and foundation settlement caused by damage.

2: High tensile strength

The pipe adopts internal and external three-layer braiding process, which has high tensile strength and greatly improved flexibility compared with traditional pipes.

3: The inner wall is smooth, and the cable is convenient

The inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, and the cable is convenient. Install rubber sealing rings at the end and end of the joint.

4: High corrosion resistance/water resistance

FRP winding pipe extrusion molding under high temperature and high pressure, high product density, excellent water resistance, the use of high-performance epoxy resin and non-alkali glass fiber raw materials are higher than the traditional pipe acid and alkali resistance.

5: Good resistance to high and low temperatures

The pipe has anti-freeze and high temperature resistance, can adapt to harsh environment, FRP winding pipe in the extreme temperature of -50℃~200℃ is not damaged, not deformed,

6: High electrical insulation

The density of FRP winding pipe is 35% higher than that of traditional pipe, with no bubbles and high insulation.

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