Application advantage of FRP material in medical equipment shell

I believe that many friends go to the hospital to see the medical equipment is very bright and high-end appearance, then you know why the hospital equipment why to keep so new for a long time, because their medical equipment shell is made of fiberglass. The following is to explain the application advantages of FRP medical equipment shell.

Corrosion resistance: Medical equipment often needs to be in contact with various disinfectants and cleaners during use, and FRP material has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the erosion of these chemicals, thereby extending the service life of the equipment.

Light and high strength: FRP material has the characteristics of light and high strength, so that the medical equipment shell can reduce the overall weight while ensuring the strength, which is easy for medical personnel to operate and carry.

Good insulation: In medical equipment, the insulation of electrical components is crucial. FRP material has good insulation properties, can effectively prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock accidents.

Easy processing molding: FRP material has good plasticity, can be processed into a variety of complex shapes through the mold, to meet the diverse needs of medical equipment shell design.

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