Application of FRP cover plate in truck

         Here said FRP cover plate, in fact, the full name should be called FRP car cover plate. It is mainly used in the back of the pickup truck, covered in the back of the pickup truck, to prevent rain or debris into the back box.

         Pickup trucks in the United States is basically a necessary means of transportation at home, the reason is that the United States is typical of vast areas and sparse people, there is a car at any time to ride and can carry goods, is undoubtedly the least effort; Because of the vast land and sparse population, parking space is not a problem naturally, which promotes the development of pickup trucks in the United States, and as a pickup truck side industry of FRP auto cover has also been well developed. As far as China is concerned, the control of pickup trucks is relatively strict, but also based on our national conditions. Just imagine, usually the length of pickup trucks is more than 5 meters, the parking space is much larger than that of the car less than 5 meters. For a densely populated country like China, the urban population density is higher, if the number of pickup trucks is too high, it will aggravate the shortage of urban parking Spaces.

         In the past two years, with the development and growth of inland cities and the dispersion of floating population, our policy on pickup trucks has been relaxed, which makes the sales of pickup trucks in the market increase step by step. This has led to the promotion of pickup truck related by-industries, which naturally include FRP car cover.

Product name: FRP auto cover plate

Specifications and models: customized

Application place: pickup truck trunk

Product introduction: FRP car cover plate is installed on the rear of the pickup truck on the parts, the product material is FRP, the thickness of 3~5mm, good compression performance, good body consistency. Welcome to inquire!

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