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Fiberglass trailers have been a trend

Product: NV200 fiberglass travel trailers
Customers: From Japan
Cooperation time: Since 2015

1. Fiberglass RV case

1.1 Problems in the RV industry

When we want to have a quality travel with self-driving, first of all, we need a travel trailer. Different countries have different standard features for travel trailers. For example, in Japan, modified travel trailers should meet some basic principles to get a license tag. Some important conditions include the limit of vehicle volume and weight. In that way, what are the best quality travel trailers?

The products of Forest River and Thor Industries may give us the answer. Both of them are US manufacturers and famous travel trailer brands. The Forest Rivers also produces related recreational vehicles, toy haulers, pop up trailer and others. And the Thor Industries can provide tow vehicle, pickup truckers, and others. You can look through their wonderful travel trailers online or international RV show. And you will find that they have always been devoting themselves to the research and development of the best quality travel trailer. So do our customers.

1.2 A satisfactory RV solution

First of all, we have developed many plans according to the trailer features. We select two great design, and the customer finally chooses the best solution. During the process, DOFRP sets up a project management team. We have discussed the grand design of product structure many times, surveyed and calculated the properties and weight of fiberglass material. At the same time, we consider the continuity of material and material, calculate the theoretical weight and choose the best fabrication plan. In addition, during the fiberglass trailers manufacturing process, we strictly control the raw material usage and weight on site. As a result, we help to provide the high quality fiberglass travel trailer. Also, the weight of the quality product is 10% lower than the customer’s need, they are very satisfied.

Fiberglass trailers

2. Travel trailers materials

While choosing a motorized or towable RV, you may consider the grand design, floor plans, living space, storage space, sized bed, etc. Then, how about the trailer material?

At the beginning of the travel trailer usage, manufacturers adopt the wood RV structure, which is laying aluminum over a wooden frame. It’s flexible and easy to repair. But it’s also heavy, difficult to clean, and not resistant to water. The wood RV structure has been widely used since the 1940s. However, with the further development of chemical products performance and the production process, we begin to use aluminum RV structure. It consists of laying fiberglass over an aluminum frame. As we all know, the fiberglass material has many advantages of light weight, high strength, low energy consumption, good usability, and is resistant to corrosion, shake, noise and water. Also, the fiberglass part is easy to integrate and can be flexibly designed. Which one is more suitable for the travel trailer?

From the point of the price, the aluminum material is the most expensive, the next is the fiberglass material, and the wood is the cheapest. As for the strength, the aluminum plate is higher. But the FRP material has good insulation, which is much better than the aluminum. And the fiberglass material is resistant to dust, its internal structure is easier to make, especially for the complex structure. For the RV, which is always exploded into the sunlight or extremely low temperature, it’s more suitable to adopt the fiberglass panel. Since the 1980s, the RV manufactures started to adopt the fiberglass products for the outer shell of travel trailers. Even more, some of them use the fully unsaturated polyester body. Until now, the application of fiberglass in automotive is constantly increasing.

fiberglass RV

3. Fiberglass trailers maintain suggestions

3.1 Sharp objects

At first, we should protect the fiberglass travel trailer from any sharp or hard objects. In the process of parking or reversing, the fiberglass trailers are easy to collide with other objects. As we all know, it will cause damage such as scratches, and you should take the protective measures. Therefore, when you are driving, please be careful about the surrounding environment.

3.2 Repair

Once you find the outer shell of the fiberglass travel was damaged, please repair it in time. To do this, you may check the auto body regularly. If you find there is a deep scratch, the resin is stripping, or the glass fiber is exposed, you must repair it at once. Otherwise, if the water permeates into the fiberglass body, it will speed up the damage.

3.3 Clean

You should always keep the surface of the fiberglass travel trailer clean. The molded fiberglass travel trailers are easy to clean. In general, you only need soft materials such as sweat cloth, gauze, soft towel and soft foam plastics, to clean the outer shell. If there is greasy dirt on the surface, you can use ordinary household cleaners, but not the solvent with high corrosion performance. The clean powder and metal silk are also banned to avoid scratches and affect the beautiful appearance. If the stain is quite difficult to remove, you can clean it with gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, toluene, styrene, acetone, etc. After that, you must be sure to rinse the trailer with clean water. It’s to prevent the chemical corrosion into the line of travel trailers.

You can also scrap the fiberglass shell with tools. But the tool should be a bamboo slice or plastic sheet, which have a lower hardness than the glass fiber reinforced plastic. In that case, you won’t hurt the surface of fiberglass travel trailers.

motor home

Miss Yan, who has 16 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of fiberglass car bodies. As she said:
“Uses of fibre glass contribute to the development of new energy vehicles. How to guarantee the strength of FRP components while reducing the weight of car body parts? How to ensure the precision while keeping the fiberglass car beautiful? We have always been trying to provide the best FRP solution for our customers.”

3.4 Sunlight

Nowadays, the fiberglass RV is not only used for travel. Many people also buy a line of travel trailers for full time, which is fully equipped. Small cars with full size are always suitable for a couple or a family. And those who buy the full time travel trailer are often retirees or people who have a mobile job. They can go wherever they want and can stop at any time. However, you can never overuse it. Please avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Being under the blazing sun for quite a long time is not good for the molded fiberglass travel trailers. And the color of the fiberglass coating will also be affected.

3.5 Polish

You should wax and polish the fiberglass travel trailer regularly. It’s not only to brighten the outer shell of it, but also protect the gel coating resin. And the available materials include the car wax or glazing wax which is special for fiberglass reinforced plastic. In general, you can wax the travel trailer twice or three times, and the interval is 2 hours each time. As a result, it can help to form a tough waxy film on the surface of fiberglass trailers. As for polishing, you’d better use the electric polisher, which can make the quality product surface shine like a new one.

3.6 Painting

Painting the line of travel trailers can keep them beautiful and durable. As we all know, the new travel trailer with a vinyl layer has a beautiful appearance. However, after three or five years of RV use, the color fades and loses its luster. It is a total disaster for the dark color molded fiberglass travel trailers. Therefore, when the outer vinyl layer color fades and has scratches, we can paint to maintain the beautiful appearance of the fiberglass travel.

Among all kinds of paint, we prefer the polyurethane and epoxy resin paint. Before painting, you should first clean the surface, use the mold clean water to remove the wax of full size fiberglass surface, and use waterproof abrasive papers. Before paint spraying, please do the preliminary work well according to the requirement. After the spraying, the fiberglass RV will be as beautiful as the new one.

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