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What are the best FRP wall panels?

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1. Properties of the best FRP wall panels

1.1 Corrosion resistance

Due to the superior corrosion resistance of fiberglass reinforced plastic products, they have become the transmission media for many industries. But what makes it unique to achieve its characteristics? In the structural aspect of filament winding FRP panels, it has three parts. Inner lining, the structural layer, and the outer protective layer. Among them, the inner lining has a pretty high resin content, it’s generally more than 70 percent. And the resin content of the internal surface can be up to about 95 percent. By choosing different fiberglass resin for the inner lining, you can make the FRP wall panel have different corrosion resistance. Then, they can meet the different demands for different use environment. For occasions requiring external preservation, you only need to carefully choose the outer protective layer. As a result, it can help to achieve the different purposes of outer corrosion preservation.

According to different corrosive environments, you can select different anticorrosive resins to produce the fiberglass reinforced panel. They mainly include isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, bisphenol A resin, epoxy resin and furan resin, etc. According to the specific situation of the wall panel, we choose different resins. Firstly, for acidic environments, we choose bisphenol A resin, furan resin, etc. Secondly, for the alkaline environment, we can select vinyl resin, epoxy resin or furan resin. Thirdly, for solvent-based use environments, resins such as furan are used. Last but not least, when the corrosion of acid, salt, and solvent is not very serious, you can use a relatively cheap benzene resin. By selecting different resins, you can use the fiberglass wall panels in different working environments. And they will show good corrosion resistance accordingly.

FRP wall panels

1.2 Other properties

Noise reduction and thermal insulation

The heat conductivity rate of fiberglass reinforced plastic is low. Under the room temperature, it is only 1.25-1.67 KJ/( m•h•K). And it is only 1/100~1/1000 that of the metal. Thus, it’s an excellent heat insulation material. In the case of transient ultra-high temperatures, Fiberglass wall panels are ideal heat and ablation resistant products. Even more, FRP wall can protect the spacecraft at above 2000℃ under high-speed air flow. In addition, the sound attenuation coefficient of anti-corrosion fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP wall is 36 dB, which exceeds the industry standard.

Flame retardance and high-temperature resistance

The fire rating of the FRP wall panel is high. It has a strong flame retardance, and its oxygen index is more than 30. In addition, it reaches the international standard of first-class flame retardant, and there is no molten glass drop while burning. Another, our panels provide good temperature resistance. You can use it under the temperature from -40℃ to 120℃. Also, the fiberglass reinforced panel is moisture resistant and suitable for hot and humid areas where have a large temperature difference. For example, food processing plants, aluminum oxidation workshops, chemical plants, smelting plants, steel mill, etc.

Design and installation

Fiberglass wall panels have a great design flexibility. According to your needs, we can help with the flexible design of various structural products. It can not only meet the use requirements but also make the product have very good integrality. Also, you can select the fiberglass and resin material to meet the high performance of the wall and ceiling. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the existing wall and don’t want to buy it which is readily available, you can ask us for a custom design. What’s more, the wall surface is smooth and easy to clean. Fiberglass wall panels are also easy to install. And there is even no need to use special tools. A simple electric saw will be sufficient for large-scale FRP wall panels installation.

fiberglass wall panels

2. FRP wall board for construction corrosion problems

You have watched the industrial buildings in the corrosive environment, such as coastal buildings, steel mills, chemical workshops, etc. And you will never forget the terrible scene of corroding the colored steel plates. DOFRP panels provide good corrosion resistance and were born in response to the requirements.
As we all know, the fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP wall is a lighting material used in conjunction with steel structure. It is mainly composed of the upper film, reinforced polyester and glass fibers with high performance. Among them, the upper film must have a pretty great effect of UV and static electricity protection. For one thing, the UV resistance is to protect the polyester of wall surfaces from yellow and aging. For another, fiberglass reinforced plastic panels with static electricity protection are to ensure the clean and beautiful wall surface. Because the dust on wall surfaces can be easily washed away by rain or blown away by the wind. FRP panels are quite popular among our customers due to their stable quality and durability in use. As a result, these panels are ideal for manufacturing the wall and ceiling of the industrial, commercial or civil buildings.
Fiberglass wall panels have an excellent performance for more than 20 years in the international market. Their splendid fire ratings, design flexibility, moisture and corrosion resistance have been widely recognized by the construction industry. DOFRP is regarded as a China FRP manufacturer which has European technology level. And we have been providing integrated corrosion protection solutions for industrial buildings since 1991. Even more, we offer the ” Certificate Of Guarantee Of Quality for 15 years” for the FRP wall board and its matching purline, roof gutter, flashing, etc.

FRP wall board

Mr Wu, who has 12 years experience in FRP industry, is now in charge of FRP construction. As he said:
“As for FRP construction, we should decide to highlight the fiberglass material properties according to environment of fibreglass uses. For example, indoor or outdoor, acid resistant or alkaline resistant, we may choose the best suitable FRP material and additive.”

3. Integrated solutions for customers

DOFRP technical team can provide an integrated solution of FRP construction application for designers and contractors. Including the FRP design, fiberglass fabrication, FRP installation and after-sales service. Also, we can assist the investor in the preliminary planning and feasibility analysis in the early stage of the project development. Furthermore, we provide thoughtful service and mature technology from bidding, design, to manufacturing and installation. DOFRP has rewritten the history of China anticorrosion building materials from the production of FRP wall board in 1991. Over the past years, our FRP wall panels spread throughout the Japanese market and China’s provinces. More than 30,000 industrial architectures are using corrugated fiberglass panels from DOFRP. Most noteworthy, the record of roof leakage due to the FRP wall aging is zero up to now.
In recent years, DOFRP has produced a large number of fiberglass reinforced panels. We have been using it in the replacement and repair of the existing wall or plastic panels. As we all know, PVC plastic panels are cheap, there is nothing wrong with using it on temporary buildings. But their decomposition temperature is about 70℃ and easy to soften. Just like the plastic household bucket, it begins to embrittle after using for 2-3 years. Thus, it’s a wrong material selection to use it on permanent industrial buildings. In a word, fiberglass wall panels are your first choice for the anticorrosive wall and ceiling. Also, it’s the best solution for replacing the existing steel wall or PVC plastic panels.

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