FRP application

How to choose a qualified radome manufacturer?

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A radome is a structure that protects an antenna system from the external environment. It has good electromagnetic wave penetration characteristics in electrical properties, and can withstand the adverse external environment in mechanical properties. Outdoor antennas are usually placed in the open air, and are directly attacked by storms, snow, snow, dust and solar

Advantages of FRP wound pipe

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The following advantages can be achieved by using FRP wound tube protection cable: 1, compared with the traditional pipe, FRP winding pipe through high-performance fiber transverse and longitudinal interwoven pultrusion forming, from the physical structure to enhance the ring stiffness of the pipe, can resist the external pressure and foundation settlement caused by damage.

How to maintain FRP shell products

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FRP shell products are already very common in life, so how should we maintain the FRP shell on weekdays? Today Yari FRP Factory will explain this issue in detail. The large surface of the shell is covered with bleaching agent and various acids, developed with water immediately, then dipped in ammonia solution or neutral carbonated

Matters needing attention in the installation of FRP pipes

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1. Precisely customized size In order to achieve the installation accuracy of the glass pipe and ensure the uniform stress on the pipe after installation, the pipe fittings can be made on-site by professionals according to the on-site size. Since FRP is a composite material, there are many factors that affect its corrosion resistance

Why do hospital beds use FRP as shells?

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Medical treatment bed are a very common facility in hospitals and even clinics. I don’t know if you have noticed that medical examination and treatment beds were made of wood before, but later they were changed to metal. Now most of the updated examination and treatment beds are made of fiberglass. Choosing fiberglass material

Which medical equipment shells are made of FRP?

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Medical equipment shells made of glass reinforcement materials are called FRP Medical Equipment Shells. Due to the advantages of glass fiber reinforcement pH and high physical strength, it is widely used in the field of medical equipment shells. On our common medical equipment, which are made of glass reinforcement? The following is a brief

Where are FRP products suitable for?

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In our daily life, we can see FRP products everywhere, such as FRP fence, FRP garbage cans, etc., they are in every corner of life, FRP products are mainly applicable to what scenes, Xiaobian take you to understand the following together. Fiberglass pultrusion profile, Fiberglass square tube, Fiberglass tube, Fiberglass bar, Fiberglass bar. Application of

Can FRP pipes be fireproof

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With the FRP pipe into various industries, the requirements for FRP pipe are more and more diverse. Just like yesterday we received a telephone inquiry from a customer, requiring us to meet the national standard V0 fire prevention FRP pipe. As we all know, the main components of FRP pipe are resin and fiber,

Why are FRP radomes so expensive

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The appearance of FRP radomes is probably a bit of a problem for everyone. Most of them are hemispherical and don't look very technical. So why do you think they cost so much? First of all, the price of FRP material is more expensive than other materials, but the weather resistance and wave permeability of

Production process of FRP shell

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Fiberglass shell are now used in more and more places, such as: fiberglass medical equipment shell, fiberglass fan shell, fiberglass robot shell, fiberglass boat shell, fiberglass automobile shell, and of course the shell of various other equipment can also be made of fiberglass. In particular, the shape is curved, requiring smooth modeling lines, out

Why is the FRP Shell used for testing equipment

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At present, many testing equipment manufacturers like to choose FRP as the equipment shell, then what are the advantages of FRP shell? 1. FRP shell can be designed well According to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products, to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good

Why did the robot choose fiberglass shell

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There are a number of reasons why fiberglass is ideal for custom robot casings, mainly the advantages of fiberglass steel, through the use of fiberglass steel can ensure a higher quality of the robot casings, in addition, fiberglass robot casings are more colorful, and the strength of the robot casings increases at low temperatures compared

Five advantages of FRP RV Housing! Aluminum VS Fiberglass?

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From the process point of view, the RV body roughly has two kinds: aluminum plate splicing and FRP integrated molding. Different body have their own strengths, among which, FRP RV, integrated molding carriage is filled with FRP material and high-density polyurethane, body shell belongs to a whole, with five advantages: 1. High intensity Strength

Introduction of plate radome

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product advantages: High-grade appearance, good texture, high strength, stable size, light weight, convenient transportation and installation Anti-ultraviolet, anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, anti-aging, high temperature, strong weather resistance, long life, strong wave permeability, dielectric constant 2.6, weather resistance 10-15 years, high temperature, low cold and other harsh There is no deformation of thermal expansion and contraction in

The main structure of the radome

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The radome mainly has five structures: aviation radome, ground radome, inflatable radome, shell structure radome and space skeleton radome. folding aviation radome Generally, it is a shell structure. Depending on the specific situation, a normal-incidence radome or a streamlined large-incidence-angle radome can be used. In order to meet the requirements of aerodynamics, the radome should

What are the characteristics of FRP pipes?

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Now both at home and abroad, the characteristics of FRP pipes are loved by various industries, so FRP pipes can be seen everywhere. Due to the excellent characteristics of fiberglass material, its application is more and more widely, some pipes will choose to use fiberglass material, the characteristics of different application scenarios are different, so what

Different Kinds of FRP Panels Introduction ad Application

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First of all, I would like to introduce FRP, which is officially called glass fiber reinforced plastic. According to the fiber used, it is divided into GFRP, CFRP, BFRP, and so on. It is a composite material using glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the reinforcing material and

Discussion on FRP duct and Traditional duct

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With the process of human industrialization, we develope and apply many new materials. By using them for industrial commercial use, it has achieved great economic and environmental effects. As FRP duct manufacturers, we can apply the technology in a variety of fields. Today I want to share the prospect and FRP duct applications including different

The importance of FRP in robot manufacturing under Industry 4.0

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1. Fiberglass robot backgroundAt present, the development of traditional manufacturing industries has entered a bottleneck. The past advantage has now become a stumbling block to the development of enterprises. Even worse, it pushed enterprises to the brink of bankruptcy. How to find a way to change this situation is urgently needed by every enterprise. Driven

How can composite materials help with the development of 5G network?

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1. What is 5G network? 5G is the abbreviation of the fifth generation of mobile communication technology. And it is an extension of the 4G network. Since 1980, the communications industry has experienced stride type development of four generations of wireless technology, 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, in just a few decades. From

Develop new fiberglass bumpers for Hino

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1. What is EGR? 1.1 What is an automotive exhaust gas recirculation system? As we fiberglass body manufacturers all know, EGR is the acronym of exhaust gas recirculation. And we use an engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to reduce the amount of custom bumper cars nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted in the exhaust gas.

Fiberglass shell for robots

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1. Robots definition According to the different application environment, roboticists divide robots into two types: special robot and industrial robot. As robot manufacturers all know, industrial robots are multi-joint robots or multi-degree of freedom robots for industrial applications. While, special robot is a kind of advanced robot other than industrial robot that is used

Fiberglass cover for medical equipment

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Fiberglass cover for medical equipment Currently the requirements for medical equipment are generally relatively high. Then why are we all willing to choose glass fibre material to manufacture the medical equipment shell ? What are the advantages of FRP? Fiberglass material properties are surely the reason. Light FRP weight, high FRP tensile strength The

FRP auto parts are replacing traditional parts

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1、An inevitable trend to use FRP for new energy vehicles Since the 1970s, the auto industry has made a series of efforts to solve the problem of fuel and fuel vehicle pollution. And electric cars emerge at the current auto industry level. So the future development of electric cars and FRP are inextricably linked.

FRP pultruded profiles and tile board paneling

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FRP tile board and FRP pultruded profiles I. Composition of FRP profiles: FRP tile board and FRP pultruded profiles are structural profiles with equal cross section. In general, we make it with polyester resin, surface felt, continuous felt and coarse line. Using the continuous pultrusion process, through the draw mold and they are readily

Fiberglass pipe application

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The basic process and properties of the fiberglass pipe 1. Basic structure of pipe wall In FRP, high tensile strength of fiberglass acts as a tube wall structure, and plays a role in reinforcing the skeleton. Synthetic resin pressure resistance and wear resistance is relatively strong. It binds the fibers as a basic FRP