How to choose a qualified radome manufacturer?

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A radome is a structure that protects an antenna system from the external environment. It has good electromagnetic wave penetration characteristics in electrical properties, and can withstand the adverse external environment in mechanical properties. Outdoor antennas are usually placed in the open air, and are directly attacked by storms, snow, snow, dust and solar

Advantages of FRP wound pipe

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The following advantages can be achieved by using FRP wound tube protection cable: 1, compared with the traditional pipe, FRP winding pipe through high-performance fiber transverse and longitudinal interwoven pultrusion forming, from the physical structure to enhance the ring stiffness of the pipe, can resist the external pressure and foundation settlement caused by damage.

How to maintain FRP shell products

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FRP shell products are already very common in life, so how should we maintain the FRP shell on weekdays? Today Yari FRP Factory will explain this issue in detail. The large surface of the shell is covered with bleaching agent and various acids, developed with water immediately, then dipped in ammonia solution or neutral carbonated

Why do hospital beds use FRP as shells?

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Medical treatment bed are a very common facility in hospitals and even clinics. I don’t know if you have noticed that medical examination and treatment beds were made of wood before, but later they were changed to metal. Now most of the updated examination and treatment beds are made of fiberglass. Choosing fiberglass material

Which medical equipment shells are made of FRP?

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Medical equipment shells made of glass reinforcement materials are called FRP Medical Equipment Shells. Due to the advantages of glass fiber reinforcement pH and high physical strength, it is widely used in the field of medical equipment shells. On our common medical equipment, which are made of glass reinforcement? The following is a brief

Where are FRP products suitable for?

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In our daily life, we can see FRP products everywhere, such as FRP fence, FRP garbage cans, etc., they are in every corner of life, FRP products are mainly applicable to what scenes, Xiaobian take you to understand the following together. Fiberglass pultrusion profile, Fiberglass square tube, Fiberglass tube, Fiberglass bar, Fiberglass bar. Application of

Why are FRP radomes so expensive

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The appearance of FRP radomes is probably a bit of a problem for everyone. Most of them are hemispherical and don't look very technical. So why do you think they cost so much? First of all, the price of FRP material is more expensive than other materials, but the weather resistance and wave permeability of

Production process of FRP shell

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Fiberglass shell are now used in more and more places, such as: fiberglass medical equipment shell, fiberglass fan shell, fiberglass robot shell, fiberglass boat shell, fiberglass automobile shell, and of course the shell of various other equipment can also be made of fiberglass. In particular, the shape is curved, requiring smooth modeling lines, out

Why is the FRP Shell used for testing equipment

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At present, many testing equipment manufacturers like to choose FRP as the equipment shell, then what are the advantages of FRP shell? 1. FRP shell can be designed well According to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products, to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good

What are the characteristics of FRP pipes?

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Now both at home and abroad, the characteristics of FRP pipes are loved by various industries, so FRP pipes can be seen everywhere. Due to the excellent characteristics of fiberglass material, its application is more and more widely, some pipes will choose to use fiberglass material, the characteristics of different application scenarios are different, so what