Why are FRP radomes so expensive

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The appearance of FRP radomes is probably a bit of a problem for everyone. Most of them are hemispherical and don't look very technical. So why do you think they cost so much? First of all, the price of FRP material is more expensive than other materials, but the weather resistance and wave permeability of

Production process of FRP shell

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Fiberglass shell are now used in more and more places, such as: fiberglass medical equipment shell, fiberglass fan shell, fiberglass robot shell, fiberglass boat shell, fiberglass automobile shell, and of course the shell of various other equipment can also be made of fiberglass. In particular, the shape is curved, requiring smooth modeling lines, out

Why is the FRP Shell used for testing equipment

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At present, many testing equipment manufacturers like to choose FRP as the equipment shell, then what are the advantages of FRP shell? 1. FRP shell can be designed well According to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products, to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good

What are the characteristics of FRP pipes?

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Now both at home and abroad, the characteristics of FRP pipes are loved by various industries, so FRP pipes can be seen everywhere. Due to the excellent characteristics of fiberglass material, its application is more and more widely, some pipes will choose to use fiberglass material, the characteristics of different application scenarios are different, so what