Develop new fiberglass bumpers for Hino

1. What is EGR?

1.1 What is an automotive exhaust gas recirculation system?

As we fiberglass body manufacturers all know, EGR is the acronym of exhaust gas recirculation. And we use an engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to reduce the amount of custom bumper cars nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted in the exhaust gas. While, nitrogen and oxygen in the FRP car react only under high temperature and high pressure conditions. Furthermore, the temperature and pressure in the engine combustion chamber of modified bumper cars satisfy the above requirements. Conditions, especially during forced acceleration of bumper cars.

When the engine with fiberglass bumpers is running under load, the EGR valve opens. Then, it allows a small amount of exhaust gas to enter the intake manifold of FRP body. Next, it mixes with air into the combustion chamber with fiber glass bumper. During idling, the EGR valve with fiberglass bumper closes. And, no exhaust gas is recirculated to the engine with FRP bumper. As we fiberglass parts manufacturers all know, the exhaust gas from the engine is a non-combustible gas. It does not contribute to combustion in the combustion chamber with carbon fiber bumpers.

The combustion temperature and pressure of sport bumpers for cars are reduced. Fiberglass car parts manufacturers help to make it come true by absorbing part of the heat generated by the combustion. And then it can reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides generated in custom bumper cars. The amount of exhaust gas entering the combustion chamber of FRP car is adjusted according to the ratio of engine speed and load.

Fiberglass bumpers

1.2 Working principle of EGR system

The working principle of automobile exhaust gas recirculation system with custom bumpers is as follow. First of all, the main components of this FRP car system are the electronic control module and the EGR valve body. And, the valve body is installed on the exhaust manifold of the engine with OEM bumpers. What’s more, its role is to accurately control the amount of exhaust gas recirculated to the car engine with cheap bumpers. However, it does not correspond to the size of the manifold vacuum.

The EGR valve with custom truck bumpers controls the amount of exhaust gas flowing back from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold. And it’s through a number of incremented measurements. Then, the car with fiberglass bumpers produces a combination of different flow rates. As fiberglass car bodies manufacturers all know, each metering orifice consists of a solenoid valve and a needle valve. When the solenoid valve of cars with fiberglass car parts is energized, the metering hole is opened. While, if the solenoid valve of cars with fiberglass body parts is not opened, the characteristics of the needle valve ensure good sealing of the valve.

1.3 Different EGR working mode

As fiberglass auto body manufacturers all know, the electronic control module integrates multi-party information calculation analysis. Furthermore, it is mainly based on many factors of fiberglass auto body. Firstly, whether the engine of car with fiberglass car bodies is warming operation. Secondly, whether the speed of car engine with fiberglass auto body exceeds the idle speed. What’s more, cooling water temperature information of engine with fiberglass body, throttle position information, air flow information of fiberglass parts, intake air temperature information, and so on. We control the opening of different operating mode of bumper cars according to these information. And it is an environmental protection function that reduces harmful emissions from the engine with tube bumper.

Fiberglass bumpers

2. MIYABI fiberglass bumpers for Hino Motors

2.1 Fiberglass bumpers of Y406

Y406 introduction

As fiberglass car parts manufacturers all know, 2017 was the 10th anniversary of GAC Hino. During this year, GAC Nisshin actively responded to changes in the domestic market of custom fiberglass car body. And they developed this star product with fiberglass front bumper, the 700-inch heavy truck. In 2018, GAC Hino Motors Co., Ltd. will focus on the promotion of the 700-ton heavy-duty truck with custom fiberglass bumper. The annual sales target of this kind of car with fiberglass auto parts will be double that of 2017.

According to reports, the research and development of the 700-entry system with fiberglass bumper car body is considerable. Also, for using our custom fiberglass bumpers, they have fully weighed the quality and price. In terms of appearance, the 700-series heavy truck with fiberglass truck parts is not too different from the previous GAC Hino 700.

Of course, it continues the reliability, profitability, and high-quality characteristics of GAC Hino. It ensures the reliability of the power system of truck with fiberglass auto body parts. While, it also ensures the advantages of fuel consumption and urea consumption of FRP fiberglass trucks. What’s more, FRP stands for fiber reinforced plastic, and also fiberglass. The truck with fibreglass bumper adopts the latest Hino frame structure. Also, it promotes localization, uses fiberglass front bumpers and controls costs. Finally, it adds configurations which are suitable for long distance transportation.

Fiberglass bumpers

MIYABI contribution

In cooperation with Hino for 10 years, customers are sure about our FRP products manufacturing process and high quality. Among the many fiberglass manufacturing companies, we are proud to work as a preferred supplier. And we have jointly developed a 700-series and made fiberglass front bumpers with our customers.

First of all, the 700-series with custom fiberglass bumpers are wider and higher than the original 700-series step bumper. Also, it is an integrated fiberglass bumper from the original two components. Then, it pursues harmony and unity with the fiberglass body shape. And, it pursues its own weight reduction while reducing costs. Therefore, it uses FRP material for truck parts. The appearance is integrated, and has a very good decoration. Even more, the fiberglass car bumper become an important part of the decorative car shape. Finally, besides for making fiberglass bumpers, we can also fix fiberglass bumper or operate fiberglass bumper repair.

With the premise of maintaining high quality, the 700-count truck with cheap heavy duty bumpers is more cost efficient. Facing the largest truck market in China, there are a large number of potential customers of trucks with custom heavy duty bumpers.

Fiberglass bumpers

2 EGR fiberglass bumpers

EGR fiberglass bumpers introduction

The brand’s strength has enabled GAC Hino to establish itself in the heavy duty bumpers trucks market. And it relies on its high end, high quality, and high reliability facts of their trucks with custom fiberglass parts. Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited has also quietly added a meager force to the development of the GAC Hino heavy duty truck bumpers market.

Entering 2018, the heavy release of GAC Hino New Heavy Duty Trucks with fiberglass front bumper and rear bumper has brought a thick and heavy ink to the market layout. Also, it has further enriched the product spectrum of GAC Hino. What’s more, Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited is the first class quality fiberglass car body suppliers of the exterior parts of Hino Heavy Trucks. Of course, our products, including fiberglass auto body and fiberglass truck body are also diversified.

MIYABI contribution

The fiberglass front bumper of the latest EGR exit heavy duty truck is made of fiberglass. And it’s through hand layup process. Then, we operate annealed treatment for bumper fiberglass at a temperature of 50 degrees for eight hours. As we fiberglass car bodies manufacturers all know, it is beneficial to the complete discharge of bubbles inside the glass steel. Also, it can make the surface of fiberglass bumper cover bonded. The plated stickers are more robust and durable. At the same time, it creates a different and stylish appearance for fiberglass bumpers. Certainly, it allows the entire heavy duty truck with fiberglass front bumper to feel smart and windy.

The fiber bumper integrates with the angular headlights and independent fog lamps. Of course, it moderately reduces the projection height, and has a good lighting effect. At night, it can ensure the driver’s good vision and ensure the safety of driving while using bumper fiber.

As fiberglass car parts manufacturers all know, there are many fiberglass bumpers pros and cons. Also, there are many different materials for custom front bumpers. For example, steel bumpers, , car bumper plastic, carbon fiber bumpers and so on. However, fiberglass bumper is always the premium choice for FRP car suppliers. And we MIYABI will be your trust partner who provide high quality and cost efficient fiberglass race truck bodies.

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