Different Kinds of FRP Panels Introduction ad Application

First of all, I would like to introduce FRP, which is officially called glass fiber reinforced plastic. According to the fiber used, it is divided into GFRP, CFRP, BFRP, and so on. It is a composite material using glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as the reinforcing material and synthetic resin as the matrix material. The most common resins are polyester unsaturated resin, epoxy resin, Vinyl resin, phenolic resin. The mechanical properties of this composite material are comparable to steel, the structure is similar to reinforced concrete, and has anti-corrosion characteristics. FRP materials have been successfully applied in the field of anti-corrosion for more than 80 years, such as chemical storage tanks, underground water supply and drainage pipes, cruise ships, wind power facilities, etc., have been widely recognized for their excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

FRP sheet types

Now, let’s talk about the types of FRP flat sheets. There are a variety of processes for FRP sheet. Today I will mainly talk about hand lay-up FRP sheet and machine made FRP sheet.
Naked FRP sheet: without gel coat, be used for sandwich panels and industrial building liners
Anti-slip sheet: with/without gel coat, the maximum width is 2600mm and the maximum length is 10m. Smooth surface with embossing, non-slip and beautiful.
Gel-coating FRP sheet: The maximum width is 2600mm and the maximum length is 10m. The surface has a gel coat with excellent resistance, which is mostly used for interior decoration or exterior panels of refrigerated cars.


According to the requirements of customers, we can customize color, size, (within 200 meters in length, within 2.8 meters in width), surface (corrugation, cracking, orange peel texture, etc.), and can also be combined with PU foam board, PP Honeycomb panels, aluminum honeycombs, plywood to achieve higher performance requirements base on customer’s actual engineering and application requirements.

FRP Panles Features:

Light weight, uniform, seamless surface, corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
FRP Sandwich board made of PU foam board, which can achieve excellent effects of light weight, heat preservation and sound insulation.
The construction is simple and convenient with strong designability (increase of window position, opening, and additional metal accessories, etc.).
The surface is smooth and beautiful and easy to clean.
Composite PU foaming board FRP products has a thermal insulation value 17 times that of concrete, 1600 times that of aluminum, and 450 times that of steel.

Instructions for using gel coat FRP sheet

There is a surface layer without added fiber on the surface. The products have high hardness and breadth, good appearance and resistance to UV and yellowing resistance, which can keep the surface luster for a long time, thus improve the weather resistance of the product. However, because the surface gel coat has not fiber reinforcement, its surface toughness is relatively poor. When making sandwich panel with a gel coat sheet, for example, if the gel coat on the surface of FRP sheet suffers excessive tension, it will crack.

The following factors are often responsible for the cracking of gel coat FRP sheet:
Rolling degree: when rolling forward or rewinding cylinder with diameter less than 500mm, the surface may crack.
Impact: When making sandwich panels, it is easy to crack during bonding if there are hard spots (such as sand and impurities) on the base material.
Loading, unloading and transportation: When the sheet moves, it must be rolled into a cylindrical with a diameter of more than 500mm. Do not bend, it is easy to damage the plate.

FRP sandwich panel

The above-mentioned FRP sheet can be compounded with foam board, gypsum board, wood plywood, PP / honeycomb board to form a sandwich panel.
Used in RV and refrigerated car body, it has good thermal insulation performance and low thermal conductivity. It is an ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material under transient ultra-high temperature.

FRP panel
FRP sandwich panel
FRP sandwich panels

Why choose DOFRP’s FRP flat sheet?

Since its establishment in 1991, it has more than 20 years of experience in making FRP flat sheets. FRP flat sheets are mainly used for the production of RV and refrigerated trucks. We have exported it to Japan’s large refrigerated truck manufacturing company for a long time.
-Simple processing operation; It can be made into any color with no additional painting, reducing the working processes.
-The surface of the FRP sheet has a gel coating, which has good weather resistance. The painted aluminum plate has the risk of paint falling off.
– The weight of the vehicle body can be reduced by using FRP (the density of aluminum is about 2.8kg/cm3, while that of fiberglass is about 1.6kg/cm3).
-In terms of the thermal insulation of the car body, the thermal conductivity of FRP is low and the thermal insulation performance is better.
-Maintenance is more convenient. Once the FRP body panel is damaged, repair is easy.
-FRP sheet does not corrode, but pitting or corrosion will occur when using metal sheet.
-Professional customized cutter machine and grinder, the width of FRP sheet can reach about 3 meters, to ensure the uniform thickness of the product and meet the design requirements of various specifications of the car.

FRP panels
FRP panels

FRP Panles Case in 2020


In mid-January 2020, novel coronavirus began to spread in Wuhan, Hubei Province. According to the number and speed of infection, the hospitalization capacity of the hospital is difficult to meet the needs of the disease, but patients have to be isolated and treated to control the epidemic. In order to save time, the Chinese government has decisively taken the decision of using large public places to build temporary medical cabin. The medical cabin design uses a large number of FRP panels as structural materials to build.
In the face of the national epidemic, as one of the few FRP panel manufacturers in South China, we have the obligation and responsibility to take part in this battle. After receiving the demand and technical index of FRP panel from the partners of the higher, due to the urgency of time, we stay up all night to discuss the production side and process to meet the actual needs of customers.

Process and result

The square cabin also puts forward different requirements for the thickness and size of the products according to the size and location of the site. As it is used in the medical cabin, our management and control of raw materials is also meticulous to each procurement link to ensure that it meets the requirements of the environment. It took our company less than a week from receiving the emergency demand for FRP panels from superior units to production and handing over the first batch of goods to customers. In the competition of time and death, we are one step ahead. Customers set up a life-saving square cabin in time, and built a life bridge for patients. After the establishment of the medical cabin, the safety of the materials used in the shelter was scientifically tested by the relevant departments of the state.
The FRP panel produced by our company has successfully passed the acceptance test and has been well received by customers, which makes us feel comforted. This is not only an affirmation of the quality of our company’s products, but also a praise of our social responsibility. High-quality products are the key to winning the trust of customers. The materials such as gel coat, resin and fiber used in our FRP panel products used in the construction of square cabin have adopted world-renowned brands. The size and length of the product is controlled within 1 mm and the thickness is controlled within 0.2, which is a very high standard in the industry, and we have achieved it. We hope that in the future we can provide more customers with high-quality FRP panels.

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