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Brief introduction of BMC material and its Application

Definition BMC is the acronym of Bulk Molding Compound in English and its Chinese name is ball molded plastic or polyester ball. BMC is a semi-dry molding / injection intermediate material for manufacturing glass fiber reinforced thermosetting products, which

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The importance of FRP in robot manufacturing under Industry 4.0

1. Fiberglass robot backgroundAt present, the development of traditional manufacturing industries has entered a bottleneck. The past advantage has now become a stumbling block to the development of enterprises. Even worse, it pushed enterprises to the brink of bankruptcy. How

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How can composite materials help with the development of 5G network?

1. What is 5G network? 5G is the abbreviation of the fifth generation of mobile communication technology. And it is an extension of the 4G network. Since 1980, the communications industry has experienced stride type development of four generations

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Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited is one of the top FRP manufacturers in China, and even has influence in southeast Asia.

Fiberglass Fabrication Process

Fiberglass parts refer to the products which are made of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. And they mainly include FRP panels FRP cooling tower, FRP tanks, fiberglass chair, fiberglass tubes, etc. DOFRP can help the design and fabrication of fiberglass products. If you want to revise your design or develop a new product, our engineers provide professional suggestions. And the fabrication processes of custom fiberglass products are as follow.

At first, it’s the solidification process. It can help to increase the strength of fiberglass parts by more than 10%. And vacuum curing is one of the effective ways to improve the custom fiberglass strength. During the fiberglass fabrication, there are some residual solvents and other low molecules. We can’t remove it completely under the normal pressure. And it’s bad for the strong bonding between resins and glass fibers. Thus, it affects the FRP strength. By using a vacuum cure method, we can make the low molecular material volatilize better and the fiberglass parts will be more compact.

Then, we take the inspection, it’s for the manufacturing process. Including compounding materials, making lining, winding, trimming, releasing mold, and so on. One the one hand, workers inspect by themselves. On the other hand, the operators in the next process check the things from the previous process. They examine the dimension and appearance of the fiberglass parts and record them. Last, you check and accept the fiberglass products. The standards are flat, clean, no impurity, fibers exposure, visible crack, obvious scratch, and delamination. And the outer surface should be smooth with no fibers exposed, no obvious bubble, and no severe color imbalance.

Fiberglass Fabrication

DOFRP is professional at the design and fabrication of FRP products.

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