Fiberglass pipe application

The basic process and properties of the fiberglass pipe

1. Basic structure of pipe wall

In FRP, high tensile strength of fiberglass acts as a tube wall structure, and plays a role in reinforcing the skeleton. Synthetic resin pressure resistance and wear resistance is relatively strong. It binds the fibers as a basic FRP material, making them common forming and bearing functions.
Inner lining layer, and outer protective layer are the inner and outer surface of the pipe wall. And it consists of fiberglass mat, surface mat and resin. Glass fiber accounts for 10 percent of FRP pipe weight, while the resin accounts for about 90%. The inner lining layer makes the pipe form a dense, smooth and rigid shell. Also, it can increase the impermeability, durability and decay resistance of the pipe.
The structural layer consists of cross-wound fiberglass as a reinforcing skeleton, and polyester resin as the binder matrix.

2. Advanced glass fiber production process

As one of the best professional fiberglass manufacturers in China mainland, our company adopts reciprocating fixed-length winding technology. We use the currently advanced two-axis fiber filament winding machine. Generally, this machine can simultaneously produce two pieces of FRP pipe of the same specification. And we can always complete the loop-cross-loop and other automatic control by using the computer real-time automatic control. The glass fiber production process can be without manual operation, and greatly improving FRP products quality. In the interface part, we use the company patent quick connector. Its sealing performance is excellent, it’s easy to install, and can meet the use of pressure pipe below 5Mpa.

fiberglass pipe

3. Basic performance

It has high strength. The ring strength is 500Mpa, axial tensile strength is 320Mpa. And it’s fiber reinforced and the fiberglass design of strength is available. With resin-winding yarn structure layer, its rigidity can reach to 1250, 2500, 3750, 5000, 7500, 10000 N/mand above. We use a resin liner and a high-density structural layer, both inside and outside are leak-proof. Generally, FRP pipe weight is only 1/4 of the same diameter steel pipe, 1/10 of the cement pipe. Their installation costs are also relatively low.Also, it is particularly corrosion-resistant, can transport corrosive media and any sewage. Food-grade resin is used, its water transport performance is great. Good water quality, and no smell can be confirmed. What’s more, it will not scale with long-term use, and won’t produce microorganisms in dark conditions.

The hydraulic friction coefficient is small and long-term stable, and has considerable energy saving benefit. Frost resistance is good, the water inside becomes ice, the FRP pipe will not freeze cracked. Also, insulation performance is better, its thermal conductivity value is the 1/233 that of steel pipe. The flame retardant index is greater than 30. Designed according to 50 years of service life, it’s the only product that has been put service life into standards at home and abroad.

Compared with other material tube, fiberglass tube has many significant advantages.

Firstly, strong in corrosion resistance; Fiberglass tubes are resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, seawater, untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and numerous chemical fluids. Under normal circumstances, the life of steel pipe is 15 years, cast iron pipe for 5-10 years, while the fiberglass tubing can be used for 50 years.

Secondly, anti-fouling, anti-moth; Unsaturated polyester resin surface is clean and smooth, and its special medium will not be attached and tarnished by bacteria and other microorganisms. For example, steel pipe or cast iron pipe, the surface is easy to moth microorganisms and difficult to remove, so as to increase the roughness and reduce the cross-section of water. And the glass reinforced plastic pipes in the dark will not produce microorganisms, so no pollution, long-term use but clear as ever.
Better heat resistance and frost resistance. Long-term use in the range of -40 ℃ -80 ℃. When using special formula resin as FRP material, they can even work at temperatures above 110 ℃.

Thirdly, long life, safe and reliable. Durable pipeline design, safety factor of 6 or more, the engineering life can be up to 50-100 years.
Light weight, high strength, easy transportation and installation. FRP pipe weight is about 1.75 ~ 1.90, the circumferential tensile strength of fiberglass pipe is 500Mpa, the axial tensile strength is 320Mpa. Each length of glass reinforced plastic pipe can up to 12 meters. They have quick and easy installation, their construction period is 1/3 shorter than steel pipe and cast iron pipe. And glass reinforced plastic pipe can also be exempt from burning welding, anti-rust and other cumbersome processes.

Fourthly, low friction resistance, high conveying capacity. FRP pipe wall inner surface is very smooth, its roughness and friction is low.

antenna radome

4. Uses of glass reinforced plastic pipes.

High-end uses. Such as optical film curled core, base station satellite radome.
Mid-end uses. Such as municipal cable pipes, municipal sewage pipes.

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