Five advantages of FRP RV Housing! Aluminum VS Fiberglass?

From the process point of view, the RV body roughly has two kinds: aluminum plate splicing and FRP integrated molding. Different body have their own strengths, among which, FRP RV, integrated molding carriage is filled with FRP material and high-density polyurethane, body shell belongs to a whole, with five advantages:

1. High intensity

Strength is higher than ordinary steel, good impact resistance, safety factor, convenient repair after heavy damage, low cost, than steel products to reduce more than 80%~40% of the weight, reduce fuel consumption at the same time to increase the load;

2. Excellent waterproof performance

That is, as a whole, waterproof performance naturally more advantages. In addition to the RV body, FRP integrated molding technology is also widely used in pipelines, liquid containers and other fields, the use of its excellent waterproof performance.

3. Excellent heat insulation and noise reduction

The thermal conductivity of FRP profiles is only 1/100 ~ 1/1000 of the metal, which is an excellent thermal insulation material. Coupled with the high-density polyurethane thermal insulation filling used in the middle layer of FRP, the integrated molding carriage can have better sound insulation and noise reduction and thermal insulation performance, which can bring the comfortable experience of warm winter and cool summer, and the carriage is quiet when traveling at high speed.

4. Easy fix

As a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent performance, FRP has unique repairable characteristics, and the repair cost is low, the speed is fast, the strength is unchanged after repair.

If usually in the process of the car, a small area of damage occurs in an integrated molding carriage, you can even repair it yourself, online tutorials are very rich. If extensive damage occurs, a professional team can also repair it.

5. The appearance can be molded strongly

Beautiful appearance, smooth shape, smooth surface, good texture, large size can be integrated manufacturing, no rust, anti-aging, long life, reduce maintenance and maintenance workload

Of course, whether it is aluminum body, or body molding, relatively speaking, there are certain shortcomings.

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