How many manufacturing processes are there for FRP pipe?

FRP pipe is a kind of non – metal pipe with light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is a heavy glass fiber resin according to the requirements of process step by step a wound on the rotating mandrel, and the distance between fiber evenly on quartz sand as the sand layer. Its pipe wall structure is reasonable and advanced, can give full play to the role of materials, in the use of strength before the problem, improve the steel, to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. FRP sand tube with its excellent chemical corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength, no scaling, strong shock resistance, compared with ordinary steel pipe, long service life, low comprehensive cost, quick installation, safe and reliable advantages, is accepted by the majority of users.
1. Winding process Winding process is the most original manufacturing method of FRP pipe. As the name implies, it is produced by winding. If there is winding, it needs a carrier, which is called a mold, that is, winding FRP material onto the mold. Because the only inside there is a mold manufacturing process, so the winding of the pipe diameter is standard degree is high, but the outer diameter accuracy standard degree is very low, if the demand is high, for the diameter or need to use the lathe numerical control machine tool for after processing.

2. The pultrusion process was introduced earlier, and the current market share is even greater than the winding process pipeline. FRP pipe production using pultrusion process in the small tube class, because this process for the machine requirements, especially the traction machine. The size of the inside and outside wall of the pipeline made by this process is relatively standard, but it is easy to appear eccentric phenomenon. Due to the limitations of the pultrusion process, the longitudinal strength of the pipeline is good, but the transverse strength is poor. In addition, this process is suitable for the shape of a pure cylinder, that is, no matter how you shape, but the outside diameter section of the same products, a little different modeling for the pultrusion process is not possible.

3, volumes of volume tube process technology of FRP pipe production is mainly used for glass steel tube high strength requirement, including sports equipment, bicycle frame, fishing rod, and so on. This process produces the strongest pipe of the many FRP pipe manufacturing processes, but its high cost and limited shape, so the market usage is not very high.

4, other processes can also use hand paste process, molding process and so on to make FRP pipes, but these FRP pipe production methods are only suitable for extreme cases, generally speaking, or the use of the first three processes.

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