Can FRP pipes be fireproof

With the FRP pipe into various industries, the requirements for FRP pipe are more and more diverse. Just like yesterday we received a telephone inquiry from a customer, requiring us to meet the national standard V0 fire prevention FRP pipe.

As we all know, the main components of FRP pipe are resin and fiber, and resin itself belongs to flammable substances, want to use flammable substances to make flame retardant products, flame retardant must be added in the resin, so as to achieve a certain flame retardant effect. And the higher the flame retardant requirements, the more flame retardants need to be added to the resin, that is, the fire grade of frp pipe is closely related to the addition of flame retardants.

FRP tube is favored by all walks of life because of its special performance, so that the fire prevention requirements of frp glass steel tube are more and more high. Glass steel pipe is insulated, the use of the product in machinery and equipment, it is also very good for all kinds of liquid products, can avoid the trouble of leakage. In addition, the FRP pipe itself has a high strength, as well as more and more mature manufacturing technology, so that the wall thickness of glass steel pipe can be controlled at 0.25mm, plus it has good electrical properties, dielectric constant up to 2.6, so it can be used in biopharmaceutical, petroleum, chemistry, machinery and other fields.


In addition to the above advantages, the relevant unit research found that the use of frp tube fire grade high comprehensive cost is lower. Of course, this does not mean that you are familiar with the glass steel pipe also has fire resistance, in front of us said that frp glass steel pipe fire prevention is needed to add flame retardant in resin, and added flame retardant glass steel pipe although the comprehensive cost is low, but compared with ordinary non-flame retardant glass steel pipe, its cost is still relatively high.

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