Where are FRP products suitable for?

In our daily life, we can see FRP products everywhere, such as FRP fence, FRP garbage cans, etc., they are in every corner of life, FRP products are mainly applicable to what scenes, Xiaobian take you to understand the following together. Fiberglass pultrusion profile, Fiberglass square tube, Fiberglass tube, Fiberglass bar, Fiberglass bar. Application of FRP products:

1. Land transportation: mainly includes all kinds of vehicles, agricultural machinery equipment and structural facilities, tractor and locomotive and other parts, facilities and seats and electrical/electronic parts, etc.

2, architecture and civil engineering: mainly including building bearing structure, envelope structure and indoor equipment and decoration, glass steel plate, corrugated tile, decorative board, sanitary ware and overall toilet, construction template and sign, and so on.

3. Chemical anti-corrosion market: mainly includes pipes, chimneys, pumps, fume hoods, as well as various structures and parts used in water supply and wastewater treatment plants.

4. Electronic/electrical market: mainly includes power generation and transmission and distribution devices and equipment; Various industrial and domestic electrical equipment and components; Enclosures and bases for electronic instruments.

5. Sewage treatment plant

6. Home and business equipment

7. Stationery

8. Aerospace and military equipment market, etc

The above is the use scenario of FRP products of the pole. If you have any questions about FRP, please call the contact number for consultation at any time.

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