Why do hospital beds use FRP as shells?

Medical treatment bed are a very common facility in hospitals and even clinics. I don’t know if you have noticed that medical examination and treatment beds were made of wood before, but later they were changed to metal. Now most of the updated examination and treatment beds are made of fiberglass. Choosing fiberglass material to make the shell of the medical treatment bed must have its unique features. Let’s analyze the development history of the treatment bed below to analyze why we chose this way.

Let me talk about the original wooden medical treatment bed first. Generally speaking, the wood has moderate hardness and mild touch, which is very suitable for making a bed body. This is why most household beds are made of wood. However, being suitable for a bed does not mean that it is suitable for a diagnosis and treatment bed. Why do you say that? Because it is necessary to consider who the doctor’s treatment bed is for. If the patient is non-traumatic, it is okay to lie on it. If it is an open trauma patient, then due to the characteristics of wood, contamination is inevitable. In this way, over time, an abnormal smell will be emitted from the bed body, and even some beds will corrode and drop slag.

In order to solve the above problems, manufacturers are looking for materials that are more suitable for doctors’ treatment beds, so they try to use metal materials to make them. Indeed, after chrome-plating or baking paint treatment in the later stage, there is really no need to worry about pollution. However, new problems have been discovered during the use process. The hardness of the metal is too high and the touch is poor. The patients themselves are exhausted because of the pain. However, the bed made of this material may aggravate the emotional deterioration of the patient, so it is obviously not a wise choice as a medical bed.

After many trials of various materials, it was finally decided to use fiberglass to make the doctor’s treatment bed. The hardness of FRP is about 40 (Barcol), mild to the touch, good hydrophobicity, acid and alkali resistance, even if corrosive liquid drops on the bed, it will not be corroded. It is also more convenient to clean up and can be sterilized by ultraviolet light. Therefore, most of the medical beds used by new doctors are made of fiberglass.

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