How to choose a qualified radome manufacturer?

A radome is a structure that protects an antenna system from the external environment. It has good electromagnetic wave penetration characteristics in electrical properties, and can withstand the adverse external environment in mechanical properties. Outdoor antennas are usually placed in the open air, and are directly attacked by storms, snow, snow, dust and solar radiation in nature, resulting in reduced accuracy, shortened life and poor reliability of the antenna.

Due to the particularity of the application environment of the radome, its quality requirements are very high, then how to find the right manufacturer of radome, now I will explain to you.

First, we can start from the material, because the application environment of the radome is harsh, if you want to ensure the communication quality of the radome, but also to achieve a variety of harsh environments without damage, then I suggest you use FRP material, so we can find a manufacturer of FRP.

Second, not all FRP manufacturers can do a good job of the radome, because the radome has several indicators are very important, glass penetration rate, dielectric constant, etc., so we must choose manufacturers with many years of experience in producing FRP radome.

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