Matters needing attention in the installation of FRP pipes

1. Precisely customized size
In order to achieve the installation accuracy of the glass pipe and ensure the uniform stress on the pipe after installation, the pipe fittings can be made on-site by professionals according to the on-site size.
Since FRP is a composite material, there are many factors that affect its corrosion resistance and construction quality. At the same time, except for some pipe fittings that are prefabricated, most of the pipe fittings, supporting processes and connections are hand-pasted on site, which is greatly affected by external conditions.
2. Draw line and cut smoothly
For the cutting of FRP pipes, draw the cutting line at the place to be cut, including the truncation cutting line and the through cutting line connected with the cutting hole, and use an angle grinder equipped with a cutting saw blade to cut off the pipe according to the position of the drawn cutting line or hole. The incision should be flat, the cutting size deviation should be ±2mm, and be coated with resin. When cutting holes on FRP pipes, square holes are not allowed.
3. Clean up around the pipe
Thoroughly clean the surface, groove and apron of the FRP pipe before installation, and put the apron into the groove from the lower part without any distortion after being coated with lubricant, and check that the overall apron is sealed in place along the circumference by hand.
4. Pay attention to the direction of the socket
When lowering the pipe, the FRP pipe socket should face the direction of incoming water. In order to facilitate the exhaust during the pressure test of the nozzle, the FRP pipe should be installed with the pressure test hole facing directly upward. The allowable deviation is +5mm. When the glass steel pipe is lowered into the trench, it must not collide with the trench wall, the transportation pipeline in the trench must not disturb the natural foundation, and each pipe is staggered along the direction of the trench by 0.4m. As shown in the figure: installation drawing of glass steel pipe
5. Mark points evenly
Marking points and bumps. Measure the Lx value from the center of the pressure test hole of the socket. In the direction from the center of the two rubber rings of the socket to the mark ring of the socket, mark points evenly. It is installed by manual hanging chain collision method. Slowly push the socket into the socket until the end line of the socket coincides with the marked point. That is, it is installed in place.

FRP Pipes

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