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Corrosion resistant FRP purline

Applying FRP material to building purline is one of the most valuable innovations of Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited in recent years. MIYABI is a technology company that uses new materials for production. All the time, we regard technological innovative ability, ability to solve material application problems for customers, and practice of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements as cornerstones of company development. With the upgrading of technology and innovation of FRP products, MIYABI, as one of the fiberglass manufacturers, is well known both at home and abroad. Foreign peer engineers praised the factory of MIYABI as “a Chinese factory with European technology.”

The purline that MIYABI supplies has these fiberglass characteristics.

1. Axial strength of purline with fiberglass material is pretty high, and can be up to 290MPa. This has reached the strength of the steel.

2.The purline with fiberglass material has pretty high fiberglass yield strength and FRP tensile strength, and has excellent performance of aging resistance. There is no substitute for fiberglass materials, since it has good glass reinforced plastic properties but low FRP cost.

3.Purlines with fiberglass material can hold up to the pressure of 620kg continuously. Just after ten hours, the FRP profiles will get back into shape. The springback ability of purline with FRP material is pretty great, therefore, it has been seen as the best materials for earthquake resistance and typhoon resistance.

FRP purline is a kind of FRP sheets, which we have been manufacturing for 26 years. Of course, besides FRP purlines, we can also supply fiberglass wall panels, FRP ceiling panels, bathroom wall tile panels and so on.

Purlin specificationsLoad bearingDeflection   5MDeflection   6MDeflection   9M
HGP110  55×110×4MM60KG30MM27MM25MM
HGP160  55×160×4MM125KG39MM48MM28MM
HGP160  55×220×4MM195KG60MM75MM40MM
Equispaced nine stress points195KG275MM223MM190MM

FRP Purline

FRP purline
FRP purline
FRP purline

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