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RV Fiberglass Siding Panels

When you build your motorhome, you may be bothered by expensive body panels. Now you can consider composite RV fiberglass panels. Compared with the traditional aluminum composite sandwich panels, it is lighter and stronger, and its price is more affordable.

Why Choose Fiberglass Panels for RV Wall Panels?

RV fiberglass panels are sandwich-structured composite materials. Its surface is a fiberglass-reinforced plastic sheet, and the core material is various foam, honeycomb, or plywood. Unlike aluminum panels, the FRP composite panel does not produce dents due to its high surface strength and good toughness. Unlike wooden boards, it has good moisture resistance and is greatly reduced in weight. Unlike steel composite panels, it will not rust and is more durable while maintaining its original structure.

Application of Fiberglass Composite Panel in RV

The development of RVs tends to be more and more lightweight while maintaining high strength. Fiberglass composite panels are undoubtedly one of the best options for lightweighting. It can be applied to many parts of the RV, such as walls, floors, roofs, and even indoor furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, etc.

What are The Advantages of Fiberglass Panels for RV?

1、The fiberglass reinforcement brings sturdiness and reliability, greatly improving the service life of the motorhome.

2、Using a gel-coat or laminate film on the panel surface, the panel skin is smooth and beautiful, while various colors are available to enhance the aesthetics of your caravans, trailers, or campers.

3、Fiberglass composite panels are simple in construction, easy to cut, and significantly lower in maintenance costs than metal body panels.

4、The fiberglass composite panel makes the whole vehicle lighter, which greatly saves fuel.

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RV Fiberglass Siding Panels

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