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Fiberglass Radome

FRP Radome

Advantages of Fiberglass Radome

  • Fiberglass protective cover will never deform, and its geometrical dimensions will remain stable for a long time.Therefore, the equipment will not let water in due to the deformation of the fiberglass protective cover and do not need to install more screws when assembling, so as to maintain a beautiful appearance.
  • The FRP radome is high temperature resistance, crack resistance and weather resistance (the product will not change physical properties and dielectric constant when used in long-term exposure or between -50 and -100 degrees).
  • Strong anti-aging ability. The lifespan of conventional plastic radome is only 3-5 years, and the lifespan of fiberglass radome with unsaturated resin as matrix can reach 10-15 years (conservative estimate);
  • Corrosion resistance. Especially at sea, the salt content in the air is very high, common materials will be quickly eroded, and FRP is completely unaffected (FRP material can work in acidic or alkaline environments).
  • UV-resistant radome. Most of them are to be exposed to the sun, plastic materials in the sun prone to cracking, chalking, embrittlement and so on, while the FRP radome itself has UV resistance;
  • Excellent electrical insulation and permeability.
  • The fiberglass antenna cover is light in weight, excellent in wave penetration (over 98%), various in shape and specification, and suitable for various harsh environments. It has been widely used in aerospace, communications, meteorology and other fields.

Applications of Fiberglass Radome

  • Fiberglass Radomes for Phone Masts

    Pultruded composites are lightweight, which means they are easy to transport and install. This is particularly advantageous when erecting phone masts in remote locations where traditional steel masts would have been costly and awkward to locate.

    FRP composites are also resistant to chemical erosion, stand up well to extremes of temperature and the dialectic permittivity allows for a superior strength of signal.

  • Fiberglass Radomes for Marine Applications

    Pultruded FRP can also be used to make radar masts for yachts, ships, and ferries. Again, the light weight of a pultruded profile compared to traditional counterparts is a huge advantage for housing radar equipment – in some cases achieving a 30% mass reduction.

    Pultruded composites can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, enabling manufacturers to create radomes that can stand up to high winds and high speeds.

  • Fiberglass Radomes for Defence Communications

    Clarity of signal is essential in defence communications, as it is needed for protection of delicate parts! FRP composite is not only transparent to radio waves, it is also a highly durable material – key reasons why it is being used to protect military antenna and radar equipment.

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