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Refrigerator Truck Panel – Fiberglass Panel

          For refrigerated truck and refrigerated equipment, the most important thing is heat preservation and insulation. Fiberglass Panel is a new type of refrigerated refrigerator  truck  panel material.

         The fiberglass refrigerator truck panels consist of three parts, the core in the middle and the skins on both sides. A fiberglass laminated foam panel means the skin is fiberglass and the core is foam. The thickness of the insulation layer is 50-100mm, and the thickness of the panel varies from 1-3mm. Excellent insulation and insulation. Excellent heat insulation and insulation. This is currently refrigerated car, recreational vehicle, sentry box, sunlight room and other most commonly used materials.

Why choose fiberglass ?

This kind of panel has high fiberglass yield strength, FRP tensile strength, light FRP weight, and excellent thermal insulation performance. Certainly then, it has the advantages of FRP for using as the compartment of refrigerator car, cold insulation box, fresh-keeping cabinet, cold stores, motor home, etc. At the same time, we use smooth FRP panels as inner plate and outside plate, also they are wear resistant, easy to clean and have good impact resistance.

Main features

1. High brightness: keep luster for a long time, bright and clean

2. Insulation: long-term use temperature of -40℃ -110℃

3. Impact resistance: It has the characteristics of engineering plastics

4. Flame retardant: flame retardant sheet, oxygen index can reach more than 30

5. Mold prevention: effectively inhibit the growth of mold

6. Corrosion resistance: high pressure water gun or steam can be used to clean

Structure options: single board, concave-convex board, sandwich board, honeycomb board, etc.
Surface options: gel-coat surface, matte surface, pattern surface, mirror, etc.
The thickness options: 0.8~5.0 mm, the thickness deviation is ±0.2, width can be customized, length can be customize, the color is customized Usage: compartment board (bullet train/refrigerated truck/passenger truck/engineering car), decorative board, insulation board, mobile room, advertising board, anti-skateboard, moisture-proof board, anti-corrosion board, covering board, etc.

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fiberglass foam composite panels
fiberglass foam composite panels

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