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Fiberglass panel antenna radome

Planar antenna is mainly used for the launch of a mobile phone signal, becorative antennas and so on. Because of its large amount of use, we fiberglass manufacturers always adopt FRP process of pultrusion to do fiber glass production. Advantages of frp planar antenna using pultrusion process include these aspects. It has great integrity, the FRP material cost and pultrusion cost are relatively low, but production efficiency is pretty high.

Development of planar antenna

At present, among all kinds of fiberglass antenna radomes, planar antenna radome has the maximum use ratio and the maximum sustainable yield. And the fast updating speed of composite radome is exigent. The demand of international market is constantly changing. Then, the requirement for the speed of mobile communications signal and internet signal is increasing. We can foresee that the demand for planar antenna will rise substantially in the coming years.

In the Chinese market, we mainly serve for top three telecommunications companies. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. In the overseas market, we have many cooperative partners. For example, Huawei, Nokia, MOTOROLA, ZTE, Ericsson, and so on. They use planar antenna to build telecommunication base station.

Different Kinds of radome materials

There are many radome materials for them to choose. Such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl resin and so on. Different material have different radome material properties. When it comes to picking up one kind of radome material, we always consider a lot of factors. For example, electromagnetic wave permeability, dielectric constant, and environmental conditions. What’s more, we also think about the bearing capacity of radomes themselves and the control of total expense.

After comparing these four radome materials, we can come to a number of conclusions. The price of epoxy resin and vinyl resin is twice that of the unsaturated polyester resins, but not twice on the fiberglass physical properties. It is pretty complicated in the FRP process while using phenolic resin as GFRP material, this may increase the labor costs of fiberglass production. And it is also slightly weaker than the other three in terms of permittivity. Therefore, at present on the domestic and foreign markets, over 85 percent of antenna radomes use unsaturated polyester resin as matrix.

Panel Antenna Radome

panel antenna
panel antenna
panel antenna

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