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Fiberglass Medical Equipment Shell

The following is a picture of Medical equipment shell, more than 80% of which is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. So beautiful appearance, isn’t it? Glass fibre material has very good performance of plasticity. The shell of many kinds of equipment can be made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Such as fiberglass shell chair, fiberglass medical instrument shell, fiberglass guitar case and so on.
FRP applications in the aspect of medical treatment not only have advantages of FRP beautiful appearance, it is also very good for cleaning. Even if the surface is very dirty, we can make it very clean by gently wiping with a rag. FRP weight is also very light, just a quarter of the steel weight. Therefore, both fiberglass manufacturers and their clients can save a lot of money in the aspect of transportation. The lipid lowering machine reduces its own weight by using glass fiber material, and then the requirements of its location of placement are lower accordingly.

Advantages of using FRP material

1. FRP material has a strong plasticity, you can shape it into many different shapes you want.
2. Glass fiber material has a pretty good appearance. People can never refuse beautiful things, and this can help you better marketing your customers.
3. Fiberglass shell using fiberglass reinforced plastic as raw material is quite easy to clean. Using a rag, touching a little water, and wiping the surface of the shell, that’s all.
4. FRP material has a strong weatherability. Corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance and impact resistance. It can work normally even in harsh environment of pretty high or low temperature and is suitable for a variety of complex environments.

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Fiberglass Medical shell

fiberglass shell
fiberglass shell
fiberglass shell

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