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FRP Railing – FRP Rods

Advantage of FRP Railing

FRP railing has excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to different degrees of acid, alkali, organic solvents and salts and other gas, liquid medium corrosion, never rust, according to the actual use of medium type and temperature requirements, there are phthalic type, m-benzene type, vinyl type for choice.

  • Light-Weight

The extruded FRP profile has a very high content of glass fiber (more than 60%), so that its unidirectional specific strength and specific stiffness are quite prominent, and the fiberglass handrail will not break brittle after impact damage. Fiberglass rods is only about a quarter as dense as steel, and is light and easy to move, reducing handling costs.

  • Easy to repair

FRP guardrail has high fatigue strength and allows repeated bending without permanent deformation.

  • Not easy to fade, long service life

The pultruded fiberglass railing is made of pigment blending into resin. The product color can be arbitrarily blended according to customer requirements. It is not easy to fade, without paint maintenance and has self-cleaning effect. It has good visual effect, and has certain warning effect. FRP guardrail is made of high quality pultruded FRP profiles, and the service life of the products can reach 15-20 years. All pultruded FRP profiles FRP guardrail has excellent electrical insulation, no electromagnetism and electric spark, and can be used in conductive danger, magnetic sensitive equipment area, and inflammable and explosive places.

Applications of FRP Railing

  • Chemical Plant

Chemical plant corrosion, you can use strong corrosion resistance of glass steel fence, if the use of general iron galvanized material to do fence, it will not be long before rust.

  • Fertilizer plant

High acid and alkali composition in the fertilizer plant is the use of FRP fence, FRP itself acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

  • Sewage treatment plant

Sewage contains a variety of media, acid alkaline and corrosive is also large, sewage will often splash out on the side of the fence, at this time the use of glass steel fence is very appropriate.

  • Power Plant

Generator fence, FRP fence also has the property that insulation is not conductive.

  • Oil field fence

The outdoor oil field fence is exposed to direct ultraviolet rays all year round. Adding anti-ultraviolet agents to the FRP fence can effectively prevent the aging of the sun, which can make the FRP fence used outdoors for a long time.

  • Residential guardrail, Lawn guardrail, Park guardrail, Traffic guardrail

These are applied in the outdoor, and the glass steel guardrail color is bright and diverse, can choose the color of the guardrail according to the environment, not monotonous, with visual aesthetic feeling.

FRP railingFRP railing

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