FRP Robot Shell

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Project Description

FRP robot shell has excellent insulation and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it is light and high in quality and high strength. It can adapt to various complex environments. This material also has excellent plasticity and easy processing, making the appearance design of the robot more flexible and diverse. During the manufacturing process, the manufacturing of FRP robot shells needs to go through a series of precise process processes, including steps such as hand paste and vacuum bag pressure to ensure the accuracy and quality of the shell.

Have you ever thought about, why can FRP robotic shells protect the precision components such as circuits and motors inside? This is like we wear clothes, not only to keep warm, but also protect our body from external damage. FRP robotic shells are like protecting ‘coats’, which can prevent the robot from being impacted and corroded by the outside world and ensure the normal operation of the robot.

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