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FRP Sheet

  • What is FRP Sheet

Also known as GRP sheet,  which full name is fiberglass reinforced polyester (plastic) sheet with gel coated. As a new material, Greater than that of steel products and aluminum products in specific tenacity. Products in the ultra-low temperature or high temperature will not happen brittle fracture, deformation and to prevent heat transfer. For that, FRP is widely used in so many industry. Such as bus/coach outer skin, Wall decorate cover, refrigerated truck body, RV/motor homes side panel, Refrigerator compartment wall etc.

  • FRP Sheet Advantages

From the FRP manufacturer’s point of view, fiberglass sheets have these advantages:

1) Easy and convenient manufacturing process. We can customize the textures and standard colors of fiberglass flat sheet. And there is no need to spray extra paint. It can reduce the procedure of fiberglass sheet manufacturing process.

2) Good weather resistance. There is a layer of gel coat on the surface of fiberglass sheets. It not only makes the roofing and siding panels surface smooth but also realizes the good weather resistance. But for aluminum sheets, they are sprayed with paint. There is a risk of paint peeling. And for plastic sheets, their surfaces are easily scratched.

3) Light weight and energy saving. Obviously, the density of the FRP sheet is lower than that of the aluminum sheet. According to the research, for each 10% reduction in vehicle weight, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%. Since we reduce the car weight, it is significant to reduce fuel consumption and save energy.

4) Thermal insulation. FRP roof panels offer better insulation properties. Because it has a low thermal conductivity, ranging from 1.25 to 1.67kJ/(m•h•K) at room temperature. As for the refrigerated carriage, we can make thermally insulated fiberglass foam panels. Using PU as the fiberglass foam core can make the insulation properties much better.

5) Corrosion resistance. It’s easy for pitting or corrosion to use a metal plain sheet. But FRP building panels are corrosion resistant. We can use unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, and epoxy resins as the base material. And add fiberglass matting to reinforce. As a result, the best corrosion resistant reinforced plastic FRP material is the combination of glass fiber and epoxy resins. They are applicable to the cooling tower, septic tank system, roofing and siding panels.

GRP sheet

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FRP sheet
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