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New Energy Vehicle Shell – FRP Shell

These are some advantages of FRP that when we use FRP material for new energy vehicles:

1.Light FRP weight.

The FRP weight of new energy vehicle’s fiberglass shell and air conditioning cover is over 40% lighter than the traditional products which often use metal as raw material. Using fiberglass shell can reduce consumption of energy and at the same time, increase the weight which the vehicle can carry.

2.High strength fiberglass.

The fiberglass yield strength and FRP tensile strength of FRP cover are pretty good, they are three times of the strength of plastic products. The FRP shell has good impact resistance, therefore it’s safer for people who are in the FRP new energy vehicles. What’s more, if there is anything that’s broken happened after the vehicle is put into use, it’s pretty convenient for us to repair and the cost of repair is really low.

3.Good performance of corrosion resistance.

There are many good fibre reinforced plastic properties of fiberglass shell, one of which is its good performance of corrosion resistance. The FRP shell is resistant to rust, aging resistant and has long service life. It can reduce the workload of maintaining and preserving the new energy vehicle’s fiberglass shell and air conditioning cover.

4.Great glass fibre reinforced plastic properties of thermal insulation.

We use a kind of sandwich material with low thermal conductivity on the fiberglass shell of new energy vehicle. So, one of the fibreglass material properties, heat insulation effect, uses to be really great, and the failure rate of new energy vehicle turns out to be low.

5.Beautiful overall effect.

The FRP shell of new energy vehicle has a quite beautiful appearance, fluent modeling and smooth surface. We can produce such a big size of vehicle shell by using the whole shaped technology to satisfy the demand of clients.

Ranges of application:

1.Fiberglass shell of new energy vehicle.

Fiberglass shell can replace the metal shell of a conventional bus to reduce the self weight of new energy vehicle.

2.FRP cover of bus air conditioning.

FRP cover can replace the metal cover of conventional car air conditioning to further reduce the weight of vehicle accessory.

At present, the project is about to enter the stage of fiber glass production, and we have confidence in the smooth progress of this project. Obviously, FRP covers manufacturers can also provide other FRP products. Such as radome cover, FRP wall covering, FRP manhole cover, etc.

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Fiberglass shell of new energy vehicle.

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