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FRP Radomes for military

1. Description of fiberglass radome

Fiberglass radome is white and shiny on one side. And we use the special resin of antenna radome and alkali-free glass fiber as radome material. It uses hand lay up method. In general, on the surface of the radome cover, we adopt gel coat with good weatherability by Ashland, one of the world’s top 500.

The overall dimension of composite radome is as follow. The diameter is 159.6mm, its height is 154mm and the FRP thickness is 2.8mm. Certainly, we can make antenna radome design according to our customer’s requirements.

We require that there is zero defect on the surface of radome antenna. That is to say, there is no pinhole, no any black dot and foreign matter, free of bubbles and free of cracks. What’s more, the adhesion of the surface of the gel is 100% qualified through the adhesion test. And the operating temperature range from -45℃ to 80℃. We Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited lay emphasis on the details of fiber glass production. The purchasing department always buy high quality radome materials like high quality polyurethane, and the quality department strictly control the quality of radome materials and antenna radome. We have specialists to control the FRP process. Also, we have a professional team to make radome antenna design and provide exceptional radome services, finally to achieve the high degree of customer satisfaction.

2. Measured values of radome

The dielectric constant of fiberglass radome ranges from 3.51 to 3.55, the actual measured values are as follows.

The accuracy of assembly: the length of the gap is less than 0.5mm. Dongguan MIYABI-FRP Limited is a radome manufacture of China’s defense industry.

As a professional radome manufacturer, our FRP supply of radomes can include these types. For example, inflatable radome, AFC radomes, weather radome, radar radome, aircraft radomes, etc.

SamplesFRP Thickness 2GHz/DK 2GHz/DF9GHz/DK 9GHz/DF
C2 2.8333.550.0093.51 0.006

Fiberglass radome

Fiberglass radome
Fiberglass radome
Fiberglass radome

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