Production process of FRP shell

Fiberglass shell are now used in more and more places, such as: fiberglass medical equipment shell, fiberglass fan shell, fiberglass robot shell, fiberglass boat shell, fiberglass automobile shell, and of course the shell of various other equipment can also be made of fiberglass. In particular, the shape is curved, requiring smooth modeling lines, out of the ordinary, with its own characteristics of the equipment, its appearance modeling with FRP material is the best choice. So do you know how fiberglass shell is produced?

FRP Shell

Step 1: Design and modeling. The first step is the hardest to begin with, and once you’ve completed the first step, the process will open up.

It is very important to make a delicate shell design and make plastic mold. What is the condition of FRP shell forming depends on the appearance design of the product and the level of the carving mold master. Of course, CNC or 3D printing can also be used, but the cost is expensive. The material is wood.

Step 2: Turn the glass steel mold, this step should be done very carefully, can not make a mistake.

Glass steel mold is a necessary procedure for the production of glass steel shell. The production procedure of glass steel mold is also very complex, which needs to be done strictly in accordance with the production process of glass steel mold.

Step 3: Hand paste FRP

After the gelcoat is solidified, the gelcoat is pasted with the configured fiberglass resin material. The original back is pasted with fiberglass felt (cloth), and the fiberglass resin is evenly covered on the fiberglass felt (cloth) with a brush. The process is repeated for 4-5 times.

Step 4: Buff the FRP shell

A beautiful glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, the requirements of grinding is very high, grinding lubrication or not, thoroughly affect the quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic shell.

Step 5: Repair the FRP shell

A careful inspection of the FRP shell, check out the uneven, trachoma orientation, to repair.

Step 6: Paint the fiberglass enclosure

Spraying is to pay attention to some processes, the orientation of the color docking, do a good job of shielding treatment, to prevent color confusion.

The production of FRP shell can be roughly divided into these six steps. To make a qualified FRP shell, the above six steps must be performed, and each step must be done well in order for a person to obtain a qualified FRP shell.

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