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Sample Room

Below is DOFRP sample room, which includes our main typical fiberglass products. FRP wall panels, fiberglass racing body, bumpers, hoods, shampoo station, radomes, FRP tubes, fiberglass bar, tool box, fishing rods, etc. And we are the best at fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP panels. The wall panel we provide is smooth, easy to install, has many textures and colors. In the past, people may always find “FRP suppliers near me”. But now, you have more choice online. DOFRP provides turnkey solutions for you! We have a considerable output of fiberglass products and prompt shipment. If you have any problem with glass fiber reinforced plastic, please feel free to contact us. We are always pleased to provide satisfied FRP solutions for you.

Fiberglass Products

At the beginning of the development of the composite industry, the fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP is mainly used in the production of the wall panel. It has many great properties of moisture and corrosion resistance, long service life, easy to install, diverse textures and colors, etc. In the 21th century, the people’s living standard is constantly improving, so is the FRP technology. FRP manufacturers developed a wide variety of fiberglass products. FRP cooling tower in the construction industry, anti-corrosion fiberglass tubes in chemical industry, fiberglass car bodies in auto industry, insulated truck container in transportation, fiberglass radomes in communication engineering.
Fiberglass ceiling tiles are lighting materials used in conjunction with the steel structure. They consist of the upper film, reinforced polymer, and glass fibers. And the upper film has a function of UV protection and electric resistance. On the one hand, the UV protection is to protect the fiberglass tile from yellow, aging and stay light transmission. On the other hand, the antistatic function can ensure the dust on the surface can be easily washed away by rain or blown away by wind. Due to the stable quality and durable use, the fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP is popular among customers. Thus, FRP manufacturers widely use it in the roof and wall surface if industrial, commercial, and civil buildings.

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