Which medical equipment shells are made of FRP?

Medical equipment shells made of glass reinforcement materials are called FRP Medical Equipment Shells. Due to the advantages of glass fiber reinforcement pH and high physical strength, it is widely used in the field of medical equipment shells. On our common medical equipment, which are made of glass reinforcement? The following is a brief list of the editors of Ya Ri.

FRP medical equipment shell
First, diagnostic equipment
The diagnostic equipment using FRP Medical Equipment Shells include diagnosis and treatment beds, CT machines, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasonic monitors, etc.

Second, treatment equipment
The treatment equipment using FRP Medical Equipment has three high treatment equipment, dialysis equipment, gravel machine, minimally invasive surgical equipment, and operating table.

Third, cleaning equipment
The cleaning equipment using the shell of the FRP Medical Equipment includes the operating room washing, the debridement slot, the bathing machine of the pregnant woman, and the microwave bath machine of the severe patient.

The above list is the more common equipment in the hospital, and some minimally invasive surgical equipment also uses FRP. Of course, these are no longer the category of the shell of FRP Medical Equipment. Therefore, this article is not described. Exercise, then detailed discussion.

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