Why did the robot choose fiberglass shell

There are a number of reasons why fiberglass is ideal for custom robot casings, mainly the advantages of fiberglass steel, through the use of fiberglass steel can ensure a higher quality of the robot casings, in addition, fiberglass robot casings are more colorful, and the strength of the robot casings increases at low temperatures compared to other types of robot casings. The FRP robot shell has a large linear expansion coefficient and can be customized in any form.

What are the advantages of FRP steel robot shell sculpture customization?

(1) According to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good integrity.

(2) Materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product, such as: can be designed to resist corrosion, resistance to instantaneous high temperature, a particular direction of the product has high strength, good dielectric property, and so on.

(3) According to the shape of the product, technical requirements, use and quantity to flexibly choose the molding process.

(4) a molding, the effect is outstanding, especially for the shape of complex, not easy to form a small number of products, more prominent its technological superiority.
In the traditional marketing mode, many designers of robot shell enterprises build behind closed doors and only carry out product development based on simple market research. The robot shell designed is very limited and difficult to meet the needs of the public. In the customization of FRP robot shell, designers have many opportunities to communicate with consumers face to face, and it is easy to know the requirements of consumers, so as to develop products close to the needs of consumers.

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