Why is the FRP Shell used for testing equipment

At present, many testing equipment manufacturers like to choose FRP as the equipment shell, then what are the advantages of FRP shell?

1. FRP shell can be designed well

According to the needs, flexible design of a variety of structural products, to meet the requirements of use, can make the product has a good integrity.

Materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product, such as: can be designed to resist corrosion, resistance to instantaneous high temperature, a particular direction of the product has high strength, good dielectric property, and so on. The unique advantages of these glass steel are just needed by many testing equipment, and other materials such as PP, PVC, stainless steel and so on are irreplaceable.

2. FRP shell has excellent technology

According to the shape of the product, technical requirements, use and quantity to flexibly choose the molding process.

The process is simple, can be formed once, the economic effect is outstanding, especially for the shape of complex, not easy to form a small number of products, more prominent its technological superiority.

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